SHGC index and its names on manufacturer’s glass catalog

SHGC index and its names on manufacturer’s glass catalog
The SHGC index is the ratio of the glass to the solar radiant heat passing through. This is an important indicator when choosing glass for energy-efficient buildings, especially for glass-encased buildings.
Specifically, if SHGC = 0.81 that means 81% of the solar radiation passes through the glass into the inner space. With the climate of Vietnam, this index needs to be as low as possible. This greatly reduces the heat load on the building.
As a result of simulating a room in Hanoi on June 21, using SHGC 0.82 white glass windows, 220 mm walls of baked clay hollow bricks, insulated reinforced concrete roofs with hollow bricks, and slag concrete. The thermal chart through building materials shows that solar radiation through glass is significantly higher than the amount of solar radiation through brick walls and concrete roofs.
It is very helpful to look up the SHGC index when choosing glasses for professionals. However, it is critical to note that this index is not always listed as SHGC in the manufacturer’s glass catalog, as it contains many different symbols.
Other names for the SHGC index include g-value, Solar Factor, SF, SHGC, Solar heat gain coefficient, and Solar factor g….
In addition, some manufacturers use SC shading index simultaneously or instead of SHGC: SHGC= SC x 0.87
EDEEC will provide workers with practical information about sustainable buildings / energy-efficient buildings shortly for workers. Please stay tuned.

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