EDEEC is the partner to implement the Green Build of The Year award within the framework of the Ashui Awards 2022

EDEEC is the partner to implement the Green Build of The Year award within the framework of the Ashui Awards 2022

The Ashui Awards GREEN CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR 2022 aims to introduce the first green criteria in a strictly scientific manner. This will encourage green technology projects and solutions that have researched and performed quantitative calculations for energy efficiency and living comfort. Even though this will pose more challenges to the profession in Vietnam, these criteria are consistent with the overall trend toward Nearly Zero Energy Building as a result of energy and resources being increasingly depleted.


The Professional Council will evaluate the amount and quality of information submitted, specifically according to the following criteria:

  • Energy Efficiency: Analyzes energy efficiency quantitatively and promotes calculated thermal and lighting comfort. Energy efficiency can be demonstrated by electricity bills converted to total floor area (EUI index: kWh/m2/year) or quantitative analysis and simulation – applicable to buildings under design or under construction.
  • Optimization: indicates a reasonable investment cost, either not increasing or only slightly increasing compared to the general construction site, or compared with a building with similar functions.
  • Green: indicates other environmental sustainability factors of the building (including but not limited to: reducing heat island effect, environmentally friendly materials, saving water, treating water and waste, preserving ecology and biodiversity, etc.)

 For detailed instructions on how to apply, please see: Green Build of the Year 2022 – Guidelines

 EDEEC believes that builders with a passion for green building/energy-efficient building design will always find one way or another to measure the performance of their designs. How much energy will the building consume? How will people in space have thermal comfort? Is natural light enough? Is there any glare?… An area of ​​intersection between engineers and direct perception. While the award presents more challenges, it is an encouraging step for domestic workers to move closer to the Nearly Zero Energy Building commitment – a trend that the world is following.

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