Oversized AC System- Bigger is Not Always Better

Oversized AC System- Bigger is Not Always Better
When it comes to purchasing a new heating and air system, there are lots of different options. First, there are many HVAC companies to choose from, brands, types of systems, efficiency ratings, and the list goes on.
While you get to decide on many of these options, one element regarding your new heating and cooling system that there should be no decision on is the size of the system.
The size of your new heating and air system is very important, and should not be “guessed” by an HVAC company, or merely by calculation of the floor area – that becomes a very popular truth in Vietnam.
Instead, the proper load calculation should be performed. This article will explain what happens when an oversized AC system is installed in your home, and why you need to avoid it.
Cost of an Oversized AC System is too high.
Again we cannot stress enough to be sure the proper measures are taken to confirm you’re getting the correct size system installed in your home. If you have an oversized AC system installed it’ll have many negative effects.
The first setback of having an oversized AC system installed is the price. The prices of AC systems vary based on the brand, which type of system and the size. If you’re buying a 15 SEER Trane system for your home, a 2-ton unit will cost less than a 5-ton unit. Some companies might try and sell you a larger system just to make a few extra bucks. So please be sure you get a few different estimates to make sure they are selling you the right size.
Calculating the correct size of the air conditioner or heating for a room is not easy. This problem has been studied by many generations of engineers for more than 60 years, only recently, around the 2010s, has there been a comprehensive consensus on the method. Similarly, the larger the building, the more space, the more flexible the space, and the more faces facing in many directions, the more difficult the correct calculation. The fact is that for many decades, we have simplified this problem in Vietnam, and of course, it comes with the consequences of wasted investment, but thermal comfort is not good enough, using a lot of energy, the system is unstable …
Thermal discomfort
You are going to have comfort issues if you have an oversized AC system installed in your home. When an air conditioning system runs through the hot summer months, it does not only cool your home, but it is also removing the hot humid air from your home. If an oversized AC system is in your home, it will reach your desired temperature too quickly. It will then shut off. This might sound like a good thing but it’s not. Since the system doesn’t run for very long it will be unable to remove the humidity from the air. This can cause much discomfort and a “sticky feeling” in your home.
Not only will it cause discomfort, but it could also affect your indoor air quality and increase the chances of mold growth.
A very common phenomenon in office buildings in Vietnam is people sitting near the window, the glass wall is hot and they want to reduce the temperature, meanwhile, the person sitting deeper inside is cold, they want to increase the temperature. However, there is only a simple, roughly calculated air conditioner that covers both areas – so some people will suffer the inconvenience.
An oversized AC System will accelerate wear.
A lower life expectancy is the final reason you do not want an oversized AC system installed in your home. As mentioned before, the system will reach the desired temperature quickly and then shut off. If your system is constantly shutting off and on it will create unwanted wear on the system.
Think of buying a new air conditioning system like buying a new suit. Everyone’s body is different. You go to a tailor to get measured and make sure the suit is right for your body. The same goes for an HVAC system. You don’t want an oversized AC system or one that is too small. It won’t be able to keep your home comfortable.
Be sure to have a professional quote for the correct sized HVAC system for your building. This way you’re not stuck dealing with the issues of an oversized AC system, especially waste in investment and energy cost, and unnecessary maintenance.
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