Project > VNCC Tower Hanoi


Energy consumption

350 million VND350 million VND

Operating cost/year

Project > VNCC Tower Hanoi

Project > VNCC Tower Hanoi

Investor: Vietnam Construction Consulting Corporation VNCC

Type:Vietnam Construction Consulting Corporation VNCC


Total floor area:7.674 m²

Consulting package: Energy simulation design consultant, under the Vietnam Clean Energy Program VCEP - USAID Vietnam

Project properties: New building

Project > VNCC Tower Hanoi

Project > VNCC Tower Hanoi

The project was implemented as an energy consultant contract under the USAID Vietnam Clean Energy Program. The simulation results show that the air conditioning system can reduce the design capacity by 17%, from 1,219 kW to 1,006 kW, equivalent to reducing the initial investment cost of 1.5 billion VND, and at the same time reducing operating costs of 350 million VND.

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The application of energy saving solutions thanks to the consulting program will help VNCC office building reduce energy consumption by 125.4 MWh per year, equivalent to 350 million VND in electricity bills and reduce 90 tons of CO2 emitted into the environment, as calculated by the 2015 emission factor is 0.6612 tons CO2/MWh and the national grid loss is 7.94%.

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