Project > Coninco Tower Hanoi


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Project > Coninco Tower Hanoi

Project > Coninco Tower Hanoi

Investor: Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment (CONINCO.,JSC)

Type:Office tower

Location:Hà Nội

Total floor area:26,313 m²

Consulting package: Energy simulation design under the program EECB- UNDP/GEF

Project properties: New building

Project > Coninco Tower Hanoi

Project > Coninco Tower Hanoi

CONINCO Tower is one of the demonstration projects of energy efficiency buildings under the framework of technical support of the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Improvement Project (EECB) project funded by the United Nations Development Program/Global Environment Fund (UNDP/GEF).
The main energy-saving solutions applied include: Optimizing the shell, using energy-efficient glass SHGC 0.217, insulated hollow concrete wall, high COP VRV air conditioner, medium heat recovery system center, and energy-saving luminaires with low light-power density.

The simulation shows that the building has the potential to reduce energy by 42%, reaching 77kWh/m²/year, compared with the base building of 134kWh/m²/year, if all design recommendations of the proposed program are applied.
In particular, the energy from the optimized HVAC system itself is reduced by 37% compared to the non-optimized system, with no increase in investment costs. The energy of the lighting system is reduced by 51% compared to the original unoptimized lighting system. The project can reduce operating costs by 3.2 billion dong per year but does not increase initial investment costs.

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