Vietnam National Construction Consultants Corporation

14:24 | 03/08/2021
The project is implemented in the form of an Energy Consultant contract under the USAID Vietnam Clean Energy program.

The energy simulation results show that the air conditioning system can reduce its capacity by 17%, from 1,219 kW to 1,006 kW, equivalent to a reduction in investment costs of about 1.5 billion VND.

The application of the above energy-saving measures will help VNCC headquarters to reduce energy consumption by 125.4 MWh per year, equivalent to a reduction of 90 tons of CO2 into the environment (with an emission coefficient in 2015 of 0.6612 tons of CO2/ MWh and national grid loss in 2015 was 7.94 percent), and reduced about 350 million dong of electricity bill per year.


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