The State Securities Commission Of Vietnam

14:10 | 03/08/2021
The project is implemented in the form of an Energy Consultant contract under the USAID Vietnam Clean Energy program.

The selected measures will help reduce energy consumption by 22.4% compared to the minimum requirements of the Green Building Council (VGBC) and the QCVN 09:2013 Regulation issued by the Ministry of Construction.

According to calculations by a building energy model expert, the application of the above energy-saving measures will help the State Securities Commission reduce 619 MWh of electricity consumption per year, equivalent to a reduction of 445 tons of CO2 emissions. to the environment (with an emission factor of 0.6612 tons CO2/MWh in 2015 and a loss to the national grid in 2015 of 7.94%) and reduce electricity bills by about VND 1.7 billion per year.


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