Mr. Vu Tran Thanh
Founder of EDEEC, Head of Expert Division

Mr. Vu started as an expert trained in the application of simulation in building design in France. Then he spent many years working in France, where sustainable construction is the most developed, before bringing his passion back to his homeland.

In the professional world, Mr. Tran Thanh Vu is widely known as a pioneer of applying Building Energy Model techniques and consulting energy-efficient building design techniques in Vietnam.

For more than 10 years trusted by leading prestigious international organizations such as UNDP, USAID, IFC - WORLDBANK, Mr. Vu has always maintained a strong belief that energy efficiency for buildings by applying the building energy modeling from the early design stage is the most sustainable way to ensure the three pillars of development: People - Economy - Environment for all countries, especially Vietnam!

Ms. Sophie Lien Dinh
Co-Founder of EDEEC

Derived from the understanding and respect for a longtime friendship (12 years), in 2020, Ms. Lien officially became a partner with Mr. Vu and has been trusted to hold the CEO position for EDEEC ever since.

As an enthusiastic and innovative entrepreneur, with 16 years of experience in her strengths: Management and Business Development Consulting, Branding Strategy Consulting, Event Planning and Organizing for many brands on an international scale, Ms. Lien quickly came up with a right strategy to help Edeec achieve the first successful milestone in branding, business culture, partner development, etc. - making a solid developing foundation for Edeec's further success.

A special thing about our CEO: She always appreciates her friend - Mr. Tran Thanh Vu, and also respects each member in EDEEC's team - honest, progressive and humane people. Moreover, she is also an inspirational fire, an important spiritual treasure for individuals here.


Green Buildings Expert

Mr. Phong Vu Hong is a Green Building Expert licensed by the United States Green Building Association - USGBC, Vietnam Green Building Association - VGBC... with many years of dedicated research and experience in implementing different types of green building certifications, including LEED, HQE, LOTUS, EDGE. Many years of accompanying EDEEC, Mr. Phong is one of the outstanding members of the team.

Mr. Phong Vu Hong is the representative of LEED AP to submit the application and control the quality of the LEED application at EDEEC. Besides, he is one of the members of VGBC in researching and compiling the LOTUS Green Building Certification criteria.

Mr. Du Pham Cong

Green Building Documentation Management Expert

As a Green Building documentation management expert with more than 8 years of experience, Mr. Du pays special attention to energy saving and environmental sustainability in his field. Mr. Du deeply appreciates and has chosen to accompany our team - who share the same vision.

With his work and duties at EDEEC, Expert Du Pham Cong is very passionate and he aspires to be able to continue contributing to the living environment - a more sustainable community where everything is in harmony, everyone has the opportunity to live, to maximize their potential, strengths and inclinations.

Ms. Minh Tran Binh
Project Cost Analysis & Control Expert

Ms. Tran Binh Minh holds the role of "Construction Cost Control and Analysis Expert", helping to control construction costs, balancing components based on simulation data and market prices.

She is one of the enthusiastic members accompanying EDEEC from the very beginning, playing an important role in the expert team to allow us to have a multi-dimensional and comprehensive perspective, helping EDEEC to give the most practical advice and implement green building certificates "without increasing costs" for investors.

In addition, with a special passion for the profession and a desire to widely spread the role of green buildings, she founded the "E4G Green Building Information Network" - a place to connect and share information, knowledge and people in this field!

We're better together

If you have passion or competence related to EDEEC's industry; if you are looking for a place to develop a long-term career, where you are led by understanding, dedicated Leaders, and accompanied by lovely friends,... We are here!

Open positions: Building Energy Simulation Technician, Green Building Specialist, Sales Manager, Marketing Specialist. Welcome to join the team!

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