Bi Eco Suites Hanoi – LOTUS HOMES GOLD Green building

09:36 | 02/08/2021
Edeec is the Green Building certification consultant for Mini Bi Eco Suites Hanoi based on the LOTUS Home v1. LOTUS HOMES GOLD certification is part of the developer’s comprehensive efforts to promote sustainability and protect the environment, in addition to activities such as promoting the use of organic products and creating a plastic-free environment. The investor believes that making a building sustainable does not mean sacrificing utilities and amenities, on the contrary, it brings convenience and comfort to all people who use the building by suitable approach means and methods.

Bi Eco Suites - LOTUS HOMES GOLD đầu tiên tại Hà Nội

Sustainable solutions of the project

Energy Efficiency:

  • Passive Design: The building does not use glass doors on the west façade and the ratio of WWR glass walls on the east façade is 3.1%. Simultaneously, thermal simulation at the basic design stage helps to optimize the choice of glass used.
  • Building envelope: Using low-E double glass
  • HVAC: COP improved by 49.1% compared to the requirement at QCVN 09:2013/BXD
  • Artificial lighting: LPD lower than 4W/m2
  • Heat water heating: Install a heat pump water heater with COP 4.2
  • 95% of Electrical Appliances (based on rated capacity) are labeled energy efficient.

Water efficiency:

  • Use water-saving faucets, showers and dishwashers
  • Installation of drinking water filtration system (Including sediment filter, activated carbon filter and UV filter)
Health and Comfort

  • 95.2% of living space is supplied with fresh air through natural ventilation
  • Use paints, coatings, adhesives, flooring materials with low VOC content, limiting harmful gas emissions.
  • 73.4% of living space is naturally lighting

Other solutions:

  • The entire floor finish is a structural concrete floor material, the building plays a role in filling the void in the construction site, the location is close to public transport points and basic services.
  • Place potted plants on terraces and all balconies
  • 68.3% of the paving and roof area limits the urban heat island effect (most of the roof area is covered by solar panels).


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